Things To Avoid While Doing Search Engine Optimization.

The reason for this is that there are many rumors on the internet, about search engine optimization that are not true.

The worst damage caused by these so- called advisors is getting your website permanently banned from the search engines.

To start, we will list some of the techniques suggested that should be avoided in order to keep your site on good terms with Google Tm and other search engines.

Hidden Text

An old technique that is often suggested is to hide massive keywords in white text, on a white background. Once caught, this technique can get you permanently banned from the search engines.

Search engines want to see your keywords visible on the page. Therefore this technique should be avoided at all costs.


Another technique to be avoided is cloaking. Cloaking is through the use of cloaking software that shows one thing to the search engines, and another thing to the public. Even recently the German BMW site was even banned for using this tactic.

Keyword Spamming

The worst form of keyword spamming is when you repeat the same keyword over and over again in a short amount of space. And once againPsychology Articles, if caught this has the potential to get you banned from major search engines.

There is no shortcut to making a good quality site with good content. The long term advantages outweigh any of the short term benefits of devious tactics.

Your best bet is to make a high quality site with a large amount of interesting content using your keywords sparingly. I know this may sound boring but it works.

To Your Success!