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One size fits all doesn’t work here. We will customized E-Commerce content strategy for your site and ensure that you get a great leverage through your content marketing investment


Our content marketing experts will start customize content based on the tailored strategies defined for your project. This can be Guest Blogs, White Papers, Infographics, Case Studies, Video and more.

Website Authority

With our established relationship with top notch social & online influencers, bloggers and content platform owners, our team will start distributing your content to relevant and popular sites.

Fixed Costs

Swapping out outdated statistics with fresh ones, removing old screenshots, or replacing internal links with more relevant ones will reinvigorate the brand's content. Stay up-to-date!

why my business needs search engine optimization

Why does my business need Search Engine Optimization?

Lot’s of people have never heard of SEO! When you start a web business the first thing your going to need to have setup is your onsite SEO. Every website needs to be optimized for search engines to discover them. Some online businesses need more SEO than others because of the keyword competition.

How long has OttawaSEO been in Business? has been a trusted SEO marketing service 2011. Locally we have been providing SEO in Ottawa to hundreds of businesses looking to grow organically and target specific markets to their websites.

How long has Ottawa SEO services been around for?

Tracking Ottawa SEO results

How do I keep track of my results?

We base your SEO monthly results through our 3 main components. We use Search Engine Ranker, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. We also have online SEO software companies we subscribe to that provide detailed reports on how your monthly SEO is doing. We will provide you a report with your SERP results once a month.

How long should it take to see results?

I always tell my clients that the average time to see any results on Google is 3-4 months (Depending on the keywords your competing for). To get ranked in Google you need authority websites that link back to your website. These authority sites take a very long time to get indexed in Google. There are many factors that should be considered when you compete for keywords. More can be discussed in a free consultation session about your future plans.

see ottawa seo results

SEO Results

Are your SEO services guaranteed?

Our SEO services have been helping clients rank on first page for thousands of keywords throughout the years. We will guarantee to provide you Search engine optimization service results every month as long as your payments go through. SEO service is a very dedicated monthly commitment that needs to be ongoing to see results. Most of our clients don’t see results until 2 months. We will We provide you with your SERP ranking reports every month. These reports will show you the movement of your keywords your competing for.

Why are the monthly SEO prices so high?

Think about the amount of work that’s involved with ranking your website in Google. There is article writing, software coding, analytics, data analysis and much more that is involved with SEO. If someone is charging $200/month, for SEO what are they really doing for you? The SEO companies that are charging over $500.00 a month are the ones that justify the hard work involved. The correct amount of money to invest into your SEO depends on how competitive your industry is and what goals your trying to achieve (With a budget).

 We charge a going rate of $2500.00. Updated Oct 2020.