SEO or Search Engine Optimization Explained

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Explained

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Well, it’s the process of positioning your website (or article) to be
indexed by search engines and rank highly in the organic search
results for a given keyword.

Now you’re going to want to know what I
mean by “organic search results”, aren’t you? Organic search
results are Non-Sponsored results that appear in the left middle of a
Search Engine Result’s Page. (SERP) (It
took me a long time to “get” that one!). Basically, it’s indexing
for FREE., unlike the PPC ads and the sponsored ads. Organic search
results are great because:

Search engine are constantly changing
their algorithms – the method by which they search the internet, a
website and determine it’s relevancy based on the sites keywords. No
one has yet to really figure out these algorithms as they are changed
often, sometimes in just a matter of days.

All is NOT hopelessScience Articles, however. You can
make very educated guesses by studying websites that are already
ranked high in the search engines. You can test your own website by
making small changes and watching the ranking in the SERP. Switch
your keywords around – or your content. But do only one method at a
time so that you know which one is best!

Factors that are known to affect search
engine ranking:

Page rank is a number (0-10 per Google)
that is assigned to a website that provides some insight to its’
“importance” on the internet – per Google! O is of least
importance and 10 the highest. A ranking of 1 or 2 is not to
difficult to attain – sometimes all it takes is time. A ranking of
3-4 will take a bit of work and 4-5 is pretty darn good. A ranking of
7-8 will take a LOT of work and 9-10 is almost always the search
engines themselves. The biggest factor in determining page rank is

As you can see there are many factors
that contribute to your websites “importance” and getting them on
the SERP. Keep working at a little bit at a time and don’t give up –
you’ll eventually get there if you have all the “factors” in
place correctly.