Search Engine Optimization through Link Building

Search Engine Optimization through Link Building

After completing the design of the web site, some sort of search engine optimization is required to attract your site to the search engines. Search engine optimization means to optimize the page text for particular keywords, vote for the site pages from external sites through back links. Search engines will evaluate these links and the content of the site and calculate the ranking accordingly.

Once on page optimization is done correctly, the web site
owner must vote for his site externally. There are 4 ways to do this:


1. Directories

2. Articles / Blogs

3. Social Bookmarking

4. Link Exchange

1. Directory Submission:  this involves submitting your site to a large
number of directories to obtain link popularity. Submission must be accurate.
This means to submit to the most suitable category and subcategories. This will
increase the chance of approval. Generally, directories have huge collection of
categories. While choosing a category, keep in mind it should be related to
your website. You must also follow the guidelines of the directory. Keep in
mind that directory submissions are a way to build backlinks that cannot be
ignored. Many directories exist on the internets that are search engine

2. Article
 as a web site owner, the most successful way to
attract your audience is to create unique, adequate and original text. This also will
increase the chances of approval. It must also have the valuable &
important information so that the reader feels the content is beneficial. When
submitting the article you must consider the following:

1. create content that
are similar to the most part to your site title or subject.


should not be any errors or duplicate content.

3. it must not be too
short. Typically 500 words are minimum for most directories.

4. Don’t put links in
the article text; instead put them in the footer section. Also keep the number
of link two or three links. This plays an important factor for the article
directories to improve their ranking through search engine optimization.

3. Social
 many sites today exist on the internets that offer
communication services between people. The most common are facebook, twitterFind Article,
and digg. These sites provide an opportunity for web owners to advertise their
sites and build links.

4. Link Exchange: webmasters can also build
links through link exchange. It involves exchanging your link with other
related web sites. You can search for web sites that have related content to
your site and ask the administrator to put your site link in return to putting
his site link on your site. This provides more visibility. You must consider
the following when exchanging links:


are much better to originate from high page ranked sites.

2. Quality websites
that are open to link exchange give better chances for higher ranking.

2. Don’t put links on
websites whose theme/content is not related to your website.

3. Link from sites
that are indexed and search engine optimized.

4. Your web site
should be completed before requesting back link.