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Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as “SEO,” is a method of making your website or blog more visible to search engines. It is a vitally important tactic for any website, as search engines continue to facilitate around 90-95% of daily internet traffic. Without good search engine optimization, your website will be nearly invisible to internet users. All websites and blogs should have an SEO strategy of some sort, no matter what niche or industry they are part of.SEO is not a highly technical process, but it is time-consuming. It involves making sure all written content on the website, including HTML tags, contains relevant keywords at the right density. These keywords tell search engines what the website is about so it can be included in search results pages when relevant. If your keyword density is too high, search engines might penalize you for spam, but if it is too low or not properly targeted, your website won’t be picked up. It takes the expertise and dedicated time of an SEO expert to find the proper balance for an individual website.A good SEO strategy also includes back-linking and ad placement, all of which takes extra time and effort outside of keyword placement. An SEO professional will know how to strategize a good back-link campaign, as well as how and where to place ads for a good return on investment within the company’s budget. Very few dedicated webmasters have the time it takes to execute SEO strategies, while some don’t have the needed expertise. This is where hiring a dedicated, reliable SEO service comes in handy.Many businesses fail to use a website to their best advantage. According to one estimate, more than 50 percent of businesses spend less than ten percent of their advertising and promotional budget on their website. A poorly maintained website is just like having no web presence at all. Google, the number one search engine with more than 150 million daily searches, does not charge to earn top placement. This means it is up to a business to find a way to rank high enough to become visible online.In the Raleigh area, there are hundreds of competing businesses, many in the same industries. Between the major medical centers, the university system, and Research Triangle Park, it can be very easy for one smaller business to get lost in the shuffle. Creating an excellent online presence, complete with good SEO and social media presences, is the perfect solution. SEO can help a business build a brand, market themselves, and sit on the forefront of the Web 2.0 movement.If you’re a business owner, webmaster, or commercial blogger in Raleigh and the surrounding area, don’t leave your marketing scheme to chance. Dedicated, reliable SEO experts can help your business enormously, bringing in great dividends on your investment over the long haul. More Social Traffic is one such company of experts. For search engine optimization expertise worth the price tag, check them out and help bring your business grow.

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