Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click? The Slam Dunk Answer


is so they will be able to take advantage of their exposure and give them a
chance of having a much better position in search engines.

the Difference between the Two

should be known that both these strategies are completely different, and yet
they can be used all together. They do perform hand in hand. As a business
website owner, you need to completely understand the merits and demerits of
each technique.

Engine Optimization

compare search engine optimization with building the necessary infrastructure
for your business. This is going to be one of your foundations, building blocks,
for your website. As long as you can do this right, you don’t really have to
extend a lot of effort on pay per click. The results that you will reap from
this are definitely long term. They can last for months or even years, even
when you have already stopped with your pay per click campaign.

of its importance, it is definitely not recommended that you stop the search
engine optimization campaign as there are new techniques and tricks that you
have to implement into your website. Nevertheless, whenever it’s high time that
you need to reduce the budget you have for your search engine optimization
campaign, you don’t have to worry a lot as you will still be reaping good
results, though you will never expect it to be the same as your expectations.
After all, websites that never stop their search engine optimization campaign
will always emerge as no.1 or belong to the top positions.

only downside with search engine optimization is the time and energy that you
have to spend for it. You cannot actually look forward to seeing the results in
a day’s time. Normally, you will have to wait for around a month or even more,
depending on the strategies that you have implemented. For example, if you have
settled for organic listing in directories, which means you didn’t pay for your
inclusion, it may take to half a year before you can hear from them or confirm
if you have been included in their list. In other words, search engine
optimization is the best choice if you’re looking for long-term results, but if
you want something that will support your short-term objective, you may want to
settle for a pay per click campaign.

Per Click

are different advertising techniques. A long time ago, there a lot of companies
that set their eyes on conquering televisions, radios, and even streets with
their ads. With the onset of the Internet, they have discovered that effects of
promotion can easily be seen, and thus, they are concentrating on the variety
of ways to advertise their business online. One of the most efficient methods
is pay per click, or PPC.

by nature, is very powerful. The campaign can definitely help you obtain a very
good spot in search engines. Moreover, there’s high sales conversion rates with
your ad because you can select the most efficient keywords and determine the
most ideal landing page. However, it doesn’t really mean that it’s completely
different from other forms of advertising. Their common quality is that once
you stop spending some money for your ads, the campaign will also cease.

PPC is something you may need to undertake if you want a rigorous campaign for
your business, especially when you’re basically starting out. As soon as you’re
done signing up and paying for the campaign, you can already see your ads up on
the website.

One Is It?

Indeed, search
engine optimization and pay per click are opposite ends of the world.
Knowing the difference will help you determine where you should focus on your
energy more.

good thing about PPC is that it becomes very convenient for you to quantify the
results of your marketing campaign. This is because it has a beginning and an
end. You will surely be able to calculate your return on investment and assess
immediately if PPC is working well for you or if there are things that you need
to make some adjustments on. On the other hand, search engine optimization can
take a very long time before you can see the results of your campaign. Second,
it becomes a lot more difficult for you to determine the value of your campaign
in terms of figures because the effects can extend long term. Yet you need to
do this as SEO can guarantee you better placement in search engines.

A wise
business website owner knows that he needs to do PPC and SEO. You should,
however, know, too, the best time to apply any of these techniques.

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Moe Tamani is a Marketing expert with a leading Dallas Search Engine Optimization firm specializing in organic seo.