Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

I hired an SEO expert and terminated their services about 30% into the contract because I was doing all the work, writing the text for the site, and it seemed like they had little else to offer. I interviewed a second SEO expert and paid for one hour’s time. This was quite valuable. Now I had a plan for increasing my site’s popularity on the web. I interviewed five more SEO experts, rejected four and one rejected me because my budget was too small to justify their services. Nevertheless, their representative generously gave me about one hour of their time and access to a “white paper” on SEO techniques. Now I understood what needed to be accomplished: 1) add more quality content to my site and 2) create significant and relevant inbound links to my site. It’s working!I have added my URL to sites for free and as a paid submission. I am publishing an article on the web entitled, Financial Myths vs. Financial Facts that explores and evaluates funding options for businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. I am working with several organizations to advance SEO for all our members- a Rotary Club, an Attorney’s Bar Association, and a local Board of Realtors.

There is much more I need to accomplish and learn. For several keywords, I have achieved high page rankings on Google and Yahoo. If you go to Yahoo and type-in: you can see who your competitors link to, both inbound and reciprocal links. This is valuable competitive information you can use to increase your visibility on the web. You can also see how many pages exist within their website.

I am confident that no one is more interested in my success than me. I do not expect to have tens of thousands of pages on my website, or hundreds of thousands of inbound links. But I sincerely believe that high web page ranking can be achieved by a lot of hard work and research on your competitors. And if you cannot afford the services of a SEO expertFind Article, you can do it yourself.

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