Search Engine Optimization and Site Architecture

Craw-ability Factor

Search engines crawl websites and then, make copies of their web pages which are then stored in “Index”. Whenever someone makes a search online, these search-engines flip this Index and show up the most-relevant pages in response. So, it is important that your site is in this Index. And for that, your site needs to be crawl-able.

Yes, Speed Matters!

Of course, your visitors will like you if your site does not take time to load. However, if it takes time, it can be a frustrating experienced for the user who will quickly move to another site. Even search engines like Google now prefers sites which are speedy. So, do ensure that your site is a speedy one.

Descriptive URLs Help

Though having descriptive URLs does not matter much, it is beneficial if your URLs are descriptive. So, take your time and develop descriptive URLs for your website so that it gains a competitive edge over its competitors in the market.

Though there are hundreds of search engine optimization agencies in the market, you should choose yours with utmost care.

Do ensure that your site’s architecture is not something that irritates a search-engine. Keep the architecture as simple and effective as possible. In this time of hard turmoil, no one can afford a site which has got an ill architecture. It will in fact ruin your site and its chances of appearing in search engine result pages when your target customers search online for the products and/or services that you deal into. Just think what good it is to have a site if it is not visible on search engine result pages, if your target customers are not able to find it online!

At Olive E-Business, we first analyze your business, your expectations, and your competitions and only thenFind Article, devise a strategy to help you get the most out of search engine optimization.