Search Engine Optimization – Additional Strategies

Search Engine Optimization - Additional Strategies

In a previous article I wrote called ‘Search Engine Optimization – Keywords’, it was stressed that the choice of keywords and their placement in your web site will have the most profound effect on where your site appears in an engine search. Once you’ve tweaked your code, though, there are some other things that you can do to improve your rankings.

·         Internal links: This was not touched upon in the last article, but once again the use of your primary keywords in the navigation bar (used by site visitors to move between your site’s pages) or other hyperlinks in the body of your site’s pages will help strengthen the site’s search engine rankings.

·         Inward links: The more web sites that provide a link back to your web site, the higher the potential traffic and sales. Of course, this has to be a mutually-beneficial arrangement, so be prepared to provide a link back to them. Some free software, such as Web CEO, helps with the task of identifying and contacting appropriate sites to approach, based on your primary keywords.

·         Submit your URL to multiple Search Engines: It’s hard enough to move up in the rankings, and impossible if you are not letting the search engines know you exist. You can submit individually, or use a service that submits to all known search engines simultaneously. Not meaning to sound like their spokesperson, but Web CEO also does this function. You might also consider submitting your URL to, a human-edited directory of the web.

·         Sitemaps: If you’ve set up a Google™ account, you can submit a sitemap to help ensure Google knows where to find all parts of your site. One quick and free way to generate a sitemap is to use

·         Blogs: It’s a bit of a Catch 22, but search engines will rank you higher if you already have lots of traffic to your site. To get to that point, consider adding a blog page to your site. By posting articles frequently which solicit reader comments, a blog will help raise the traffic to your domain and get the search engines’ attention.

·         Articles: By posting helpful articles (like this one!) on sites that provide them for free to other webmasters, people who appreciate your articles will visit your site. Not only could this result in the ‘conversion’ of a visit into sales, but at the very least will increase your traffic numbers.

Getting a reasonable ranking on the popular search engines requires quite a bit of thought and work. If your web site is your primary marketing tool, make it your job to optimize your site as best you canFree Reprint Articles, or hire an SEO specialist to do it for you.