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Web Design

We can design and cater to anyone looking for a website. From chosen themes and templates to customized websites, we provide you all the services.

Google Ranks

We understand that SEO is very important when it comes to ranking with Google. Our team has been designed to help clients achieve ranking on Google’s local directory and top placements.

Mobile Friendly

Making the Mobile site friendly is a must in this day and age. Google stresses that if your website is not mobile friendly then it will not rank you as high on there results.


SSL and security patches will have your site unbreakable. We specialize in security and making sure its not hackable.

Ottawa Web Design

We have different options for those looking to hire our team to create a website. What are your website needs? Do you need your website to have an ecommerce side? Is it a simple wordpress website that needs maybe 5 pages and SSL security.

Our team has been trained to properly Design and publish websites so they can receive organic traffic on Google. Do you ever wonder why some businesses in Ottawa fail to convert? It’s because the company they hire to create the website only does the web development. They don’t go as far as to make sure all the analytics and webmaster tools are on point.

We have over 10 years in SEO optimization and Web Design

If your business in Ottawa is looking for a website that does web design, logo, and social media marketing then  Our main focus in this industry is to provide the clients with top of the line website material that will rank you on top of Google.

Google Ranking

Do you ever wonder why some website from Ottawa businesses don’t rank for keywords? There is a specific reason as to why some website rank better for specific keywords. When you register a new website the first thing you need to do is sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Once you register and obtain the code snippet, you will need to place it on your website. This will send an alert out to Google that your website does actually exist and that traffic can flow through it.

Mobile Friendly Websites

We make sure that your website is mobile friendly. When our team starts your project we make sure that the website we install is Mobile Friendly. This means that when someone with a mobile device accesses your website, they will be able to navigate through the mobile view. Back in the HTML days when most of the population did not have cell phones, there was no mobile friendly versions. With the enhancements of WordPress and Plugins, it is now much easier to make your mobile site friendly for your audience. We make sure 100% that your website is fast and efficient when it comes to the mobile look. We understand that most clients will find your website through Mobile phone, therefore it is very important to have it setup properly.

Website Speed Optimization

The amount of clients that we receive explaining to us that there website is slow or has been hacked is endless. Almost 1 out of every 5 clients has an issue with either the website they operate is super slow (Loads longer than 6 seconds) or they have been hacked and there website does not work anymore. Our team has specialized servers that are secure to the max. We have added extra security features which makes it very hard for hackers to access the information on our server. The extra layer of security is one of our top features we tell our clients. I cannot stress how important it is to have top of the line security on your website. Most people still don’t have that extra layer of protection SSL. You can check if your website has SSL enabled if you visit SSL Shopper. We provide that service free of charge and is included in the one time fee of $2500. Our servers are extremely fast and can support lots of traffic towards your website.

Social Media Marketing Web Design

We have different marketing channels that will help you achieve success in the social media world. Our team has been fully trained on marketing with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. In 2020 it is very crucial for your business to have handles on all social media platforms. It can be a bit of a headache to manage but our team have designed an automated plugin that shares the post or blog on all of your social media platforms.

It is very important for businesses to be active and to have a decent following when you create a website. People are more engaged then ever on social media platforms and it’s very important to keep up with trend. Businesses that keep up with trend and are always active on Social media have a higher revenue based on research and common sense.

Custom Web Designs

We also offer custom web designs for clients that would like to fully customize there website. We understand that each client has different wants when it comes to website design. Sometimes the themes we choose are not enough for our clients and we have added an extra service to customize that feature. With our custom web design package clients will have a 1-1 zoom session meeting with one of our web design specialists from Ottawa. During this pandemic most clients would rather have a conference call and meet online rather than in person. During the session the client can explain directly to our web design expert exactly how they want the website established. We can cater to anyone looking to start a website online. Contact us for more details.