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How to create your business online as a success is all about leveraging the search engines.  Google, MSN, Yahoo! are the three largest and should be your main focus.  While your website is for users such as yourself, you also want to create the web pages for the search engines.  There is a unique balance that gets played when developing web pages for better search engine rankings.  The balance is making sure it is easily navigable for humans aswell as search engine spiders.  A good point is always having a easy navigation bar either on the top left or right of your website that is consistent.  Another good tip is having a heading for those  navigation bars and making sure that seven links are not below or above those navigation headings.  For example, the heading should be bolded and then have no more than seven links below or above.  If there’s too much information for the human eye, they will get distracted and leave the site.  Make your navigation bars very simple for users.  The faster they can see information in their view, the faster they will click and get to a deeper part of your web page.  Search engine optimization includes all of the following.  It includes key word research to find out what your customers are looking for and how they say the words about the products or services that you are selling. It also includes on-site optimization.  This is basically organizing your website so it is friendly and also user-friendly for Google as well as humans.  The last part is reports.  Reports are effective ways to see what is going on with the website and make the needed changes.  And the most important part for search engine ranking is really the off-site or link building campaign.  Link building is a process of either developing great confidence to bring links in from other websites or simply going out and building many websites and gathering links from those. The trick with link building is making sure the content is excellent and also is helpful to your target market. Now with the social web 2.0 networking available, there is so much opportunity to gain qualified and theme related links.  In the linking game, to improve search engine rankings, you simply need powerful, theme related websites to point links back to yours.Link building is the most crucial part of organizing your SEO services. The professional search engine optimization companies are really focused on building excellent links to your website. Link building services will create a far better traffic rate to your website. Although the method is very strenuous, it does take some time. Things will not happen overnight. Search engine optimization companies do take time because they do not own the search engines. Their main job is to work with the search engine and abide by their rules. Ethical search engine optimization techniques for link building includes getting powerful links from websites that are themed related to yours. Do not spam and try to get away with spamming methods. These methods over time will be caught. If you do happen to use Black Hat SEO techniques, be sure they are not pointing or set up for your main money site. Use demo site or nonsense site to do testing.In a strong link building campaign, be sure that you have theme related anchor text that comes to your site from qualified websites. The best way to build links in today’s market is using Web 2.0 methods. These Web 2.0 methods, such as Safebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites, involve getting to know users and communicating online with them. This year and this generation involves user-generated content. Everyone on the Internet can optimize their own website and can build great relationships with other websites by using Web 2.0 methods. Excellent techniques involve the social bookmarking sites, these websites are bookmarking sites for everyone to see. By having a powerful website and then bookmarking it, you are actually telling all your social network that this site is relevant. This opens up a new opportunity to allow people to link to that web page. Social bookmarking is very powerful, although most social bookmarking sites do not have page rank, which is not going to give you too much link love. This strategy is an effective way to improve search engine rank for your website.But, it will open the door for other people to see the page and send links or traffic to the web page. If you are looking for straight links, developexcellent content and distribute them to the article directories. Article marketing is the best for improving search engine rankings.In order to have an effective search engine optimization campaign, you will need to optimize your website. In order to do this, you need to look inside the code of the site as well as the links on the site. Web optimization includes on-site optimization and off-site optimization. This article willexplain on-site optimization so you can improve your search engine ranking.Search engine optimization is really about making sure your pages are easily readable by the search engine crawlers. If search engine callers cannot go through the website and get to each of your pages, then your website or web page will not rank. It is important to use key words and heading tags for on-site optimization. The heading tags should have key words inside them and they should be towards the front of the heading. The paragraph below the heading tags must also have similar key words. Google is now using synonyms as key words as well. This means you should use key words inside your content but also synonyms of those key words. This goes said by Google itself. For example. If there is a website with Tiger Woods in the content, then this web page is automatically placed in a theme related topic of golf.So, when developing content for on-site optimization, do not only use specific same old key words. Be sure to use synonyms, as this will improve ranking and Google link love.  On-site optimization also includes using no follow tags. And the last part of on-site optimization is linkingstructure within the site. No follow tags is really about using a code snippet that Google gives you. The no follow tag tells Google that when having a link point to another page that this link should not pass any page ranks to that page. This is an effective way to promote pages that are very important in your money makers. It also is an effective way to not have page ranked to nonsense pages on your site that will not create any conversions or sale. Since you want to make money online, it is important that your money pages have a lot of page rank and rank at the top of the search engine. Some Florida SEO companies specialize in creating web 2.0 marketing madness, while others are still working on submitting to thousands of search engines. This is interesting because how many search engines do you use, about 3? Yep, so why submit to thousands?

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